Saturday, January 8

ETS = $$$

Educational Testing Service (ETS) - the company that designs and implements the GRE and TOEFL worldwide - says it is a "non profit" company, you know, like the Red Cross. That means ETS is not interested in making $$$, right? Wrong. Check out this link. ETS made a "gross profit of $94 million" in 2007. Conclusion? ETS is all about $$$. Is that a problem? Not at all. Just remember that for all profit-making companies, the bottomline comes first.

If you have a problem taking the TOEFL test - if it's too noisy or your computer dies - don't be quiet. Complain. Scream. Shout. Pick up a phone. Click here for test center problems.

For more on the problem of standardized testing in America, visit Americans for Educational Testing Reform.

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