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Compare and Contrast - TOEFL Independent Essay

Below is an example of a TOEFL independent essay. A TOEFL independent essay is an opinion-based essay. For this task, you have 30-minutes to state your opinion, then support it with examples.

Prompt: What will your friend like and not like about the place you call home? Use reasons and examples to develop your argument.

What will my friend like and not like when visiting the place I call home, New Delhi, India? Personally speaking, I contend that my friend will like the food however he will not be crazy about the summer temperatures    or the crowds.

My friend will like the delicious food in New Delhi. When I am hungry, I    go to Sheshraj’s, the best restaurant in New Delhi. The prices are very reasonable and you get a lot of food. The lamb curry is excellent as is the aloo gobi. For a good meal, my friend can spend maybe one American dollar. Eating at Sheshraj’s will definitely give my friend a real New Delhi experience that is both affordable and delicious.
However, my friend will not like summer in New Delhi. The temperature can reach 120F plus the humidity is high as well. This makes New Delhi uncomfortable in the summer. Unlike America, air conditioning is not found everywhere in New Delhi. This is most evident on the trains and buses. With the high temperatures and the high humidity, this can make traveling difficult. Because of these factors, my friend may want to avoid visiting New Delhi in the summer.

As mentioned, New Delhi is crowded. My friend might not like this  because he comes from a small town in Connecticut, so he does not feel the pressure of big city life. Also, he does not see any poverty because Connecticut is wealthy unlike parts of New Delhi which are extremely poor. This might be a big shock for my friend since he is not used to such cultural extremes.

As illustrated, there are many reasons why my friend will like and won’t like New Delhi. However, this should not stop him from visiting. I guarantee he will have a wonderful time.

Words: 300

Score: 5/5

Remember: A TOEFL independent essay should be approximately 300 words.


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