Friday, March 6

Best TOEFL Books for 2015

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Exam Tackler Review of Speaking and Writing Strategies for the TOEFL iBT

"Nova has gracefully pulled off writing a unique study guide for the TOEFL by focusing on the speaking and writing sections of the test.
You’ll find an “argument mapping” strategy in the book that helps effectively develop and deliver written and spoken arguments. It’s achieved by using deductive and inductive approaches and by developing a number of sophisticated writing strategies. All of which the book helps you learn.
The Speaking and Writing guide provides instruction on how to craft high scoring responses for the test’s various speaking and writing components. There are sections dedicated to building your rhetorical skills, opinion development, and how to best limit errors in your responses. It’s very thorough and well written. Nova also presents step by step responses for basic, advanced, and what they deem to be emergency responses for all speaking and writing tasks. It’s informative and genuinely helpful.
Our opinion is that Nova did a very admirable job in creating this TOEFL study guide. The methodology is unique and quite thought provoking. And when it all comes together it makes for a very useful study aid. It’s highly recommend by us; especially if you’re looking for a more strategic book.