Monday, August 12

Best TOEFL Books Reviewed

Speaking and Writing Strategies is #3. Read the review. Click on the book for the link.

"This exciting book is very different from other study guides as it focuses on increasing your TOEFL score by targeting its speaking and writing sections.

First, the main strategic approach it follows in doing so is “argument mapping.” This multi-faceted innovative technique helps to effectively develop and deliver written and spoken arguments by using, for example, deductive and inductive approaches or by developing a number of sophisticated writing strategies.

Second, the guide contains instructions on crafting high-scoring responses for the test’s various speaking and writing tasks, explores rhetorical skills and opinion development, and discusses how to limit errors and improve scores by revising your responses.

In sum, this is a very clever, effective, and thought-provoking manual."

Wednesday, August 7

Pictures of ETS, creator of TOEFL and the GRE

This is where your money goes. Pictures courtesy of Wikipedia.

ETS is located on 350+ acres of parkland.