Thursday, August 23

Essay with 15 mistakes

Below is the essay with the 15 mistakes corrected - everyone missed interest/internet in paragraph two, line 4.

Internet Piracy - With Mistakes Corrected

It happens every second of every day all over the world. One click and that new song—the one you didn't pay for—is on your iPod. You may think it’s legal. After all, downloading music is fast and easy, right? Think again. It goes without saying that downloading music off the web without paying for it is a cime. (4)

I know. I know. Some will argue that “It’s my democratic right to download music without paying for it." Nonsense. The internet might have started out with the intention of being a democracy but believe me, those days are long gone. The internet these days is about two things: information and money. Big money. One of the biggest money makers on the web is music, and music is protected by law. If you download U2’s latest album, let’s say, and you don’t pay for it, then you are breaking the copyright law that says U2 owns that music. It is their property and you just stole it. If you want to listen to U2, you’ve got to buy it, no ifs, ands or buts. (5)

Also, the artist has a legal right to get paid for his or her work no matter how or where it is downloaded. How would you like it if somebody were stealing your music? This is exactly what Napster was doing. Napster was the first peer-to-peer music sharing site. Musicians, however, took Napster to court for not paying royalties, money owed each time a song was downloaded via Napster. Napster argued that it was just helping friends share music. The courts disagreed. Napster paid a big fine and is now a pay site. (2)

Moreover, illegally downloading music off the web is not a privacy issue. If you break the law by illegally downloading music, you are a criminal. I’m sorry, but you can't have it both ways. You can’t break the law and hide behind the privacy issue. The law is clear. Criminals have no right to privacy. Period. (2)

It bears repeating that downloading music without paying for it is a crime no matter what anyone says about “the freedom of cyberspace. Just because downloading music is fast and easy doesn’t mean you have the right to steal it. (2)