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Sample Integrated Essay Response

Organic Food: Model Integrated Essay Response. 

Note how this response uses point-by-point style as the method of organization. Note also the transitions. The writing raters look for transitions. Transitions demonstrate topical and grammatical unity (OPDUL=C).

Prompt: Show how points in the lecture cast doubt on points in the reading.

The reading argues against buying organic food while the lecture supports buying organic produce.

First, the reading professor says that organic food is too expensive. For example, organic strawberries are 50% more expensive than regular ones. She concludes saying you can't feed a family buying organic. It costs too much.However, the lecture professor says organic strawberries are expensive because they do not have chemicals like pesticides that cause cancer. Buying organic, therefore, is an investment in your health.

Next, the reading professor says that organic food is not easy to buy. She says she has to drive a long way just to buy organic rice. It is easier to buy non organic rice at a local store and save time. In contrast, the lecture says you can buy organic food at local stores, such as Wal-Mart. This makes buying organic convenient.

Finally, the reading professor talks about organic milk. Her family can't taste the difference between organic and non organic milk, so why but organic? The lecture refutes this by saying taste is not the issue. The issue is your health. For example, non organic milk has lots of chemicals like rBGH, a dangerous growth hormone connected to breast cancer. Therefore, you should not buy non organic milk.

All in all, the lecture is against buying expensive organic food while the reading supports organic food.

Note: ETS says an integrated essay should be approximately 225 words. This essay is 225 words.

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