Wednesday, July 18

My book reviewed by a Happy test-taker!

July 17, 2012

Helped me get a high score! 
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i love this book! it helped me score 28/30 for both writing and speaking. it will give you tips on how to answer better. i used the OPDUL=C especially on the speaking section. and it made me answer the questions easier and faster since i have a guide on how i should answer it. i made sure i have an intro, at least 2 examples with details and a conclusion. it's also very helpful when you're trying to map out the conversation and/or lectures. i also liked how they showed samples on how you can improve the paragraphs on the writing section. i find it hard to write about the part where there's a lecture and a reading combined, and the techniques the book gave plus sample paragraphs helped me get thru it! i wasn't able to use most of the techniques, but i made sure i used the OPDUL=C and i am so satisfied with my scores!